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Celebrate the Swans' 

Winter Return 

to Mason Neck

We have SWANFALL!  With the cold weather, the swans have returned to Mason Neck.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see and learn about these magnificent birds that are our winter neighbors.

Each November, many Tundra Swans complete a migration of over 4,000 miles to spend the winter at Mason Neck State Park and the adjoining Elizabeth Hartwell National Wildlife Refuge.  Here, protected and relatively undisturbed shallow stretches of Potomac River and marshes offer the swans mild weather and abundant food (including one of the last remaining large stands of wild rice).  The Park's wetlands, forest, open water, and open fields make it ideal for environmental study and wildlife observation.

Mason Neck State Park is located on the Mason Neck peninsula in southeastern Fairfax County, Virginia. The Park's wetlands, forest, open water, ponds, and fields are home to a variety of wildlife, including bald eagles, osprey, geese, ducks, swans, and other birds living on or near the Potomac River, Kane's Creek, and Belmont Bay. The Park has hiking trails, three miles of paved multi-use trails, a large picnic area, a playground, a car-top canoe/kayak launch, and a visitor center. Canoe, kayak, and bicycle rentals are available.

The Friends of Mason Neck State Park work to conserve, enhance, and interpret the Park's natural, educational, recreational, cultural and historic resources. We sponsor picnics, kayak trips, show-and-tell, volunteer activities, and other special events.

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25 Apr 2015 10:00 AM (EDT) • MASON NECK STATE PARK

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